The common theme of my life and life’s work is healing. I have personally and professionally guided others in this mysterious, restorative journey. My art mediums have been culinary art, writing, therapeutic art and visual art. Each has been uniquely illuminating and transformative.

My culinary experience focused on the timeless power of fire. As chef/owner of Eartha’s Kitchen, an upscale bistro in Saratoga Springs, New York, we grilled over a wood stove, honoring Pele, the goddess of fire from whom alchemical creations were born. Food is a healing and beautiful art form.

Following my culinary adventure, I earned a PhD in Jungian Psychology, Depth and Archetypal studies. Soon after, I envisioned and founded One Roof, a Holistic Health Center that offers a range of holistic services, all under one roof. Our dedicated therapists and body workers focus on paths of well-being for mind-body-spirit, healing arts.

As a visual artist, painting is my passion. I believe that the visual arts unite the painter with the witness, and in this journey the witness-participant becomes one.

Painting transforms and heals life’s traumas, both large and small. My guiding belief and intention in my art is not only to focus on suffering, but to remember and paint the eternal longing of beauty and grace.

The journey continues. Enjoy.